Google Maps Street View “drive-bys” Microsoft and Live Maps

A Google Maps Street View car was spotted on the Microsoft campus the other day, according to a post over on Gizmodo.  Apparently the “GooCar”, as Gizmodo calls it, got a little too close to Building 116, where Live Maps resides:

the Google guys were driving around the team that does Windows Live Maps, like nothing was wrong, when other Microsoft guys were laughing and yelling at them. Much nerd hilarity ensued.

Click through to Gizmodo for a picture of the GooCar (dang, no harassment in evidence).

Google Maps is expanding its Street View offering, in spite of some privacy concerns.  Live Maps had at one time tested a similar service, but although the site remains up, it hasn’t been expanded.  Whether or not that is because of privacy concerns, or just an emphasis on Birds Eye, which Google does not offer, or some other reason isn’t clear.