July, 2008

Wow I love these guys. No hiding away by removing web pages inadvertently left on the internet, instead they come straight out and blog about it, launching a public release at the same time. You can check out the service, Windows Live FrameIt, over at http://frameit.com which …

The new look for Live Search, which Kip saw before is going to be rolled out over the next 24 hours within the US, with more markets to follow in the future.


This is what it looks like (I found a hotspot too). If you don’t …

Are you, just like me, hesitant to sign up for something just to preview/look at something a friend send you (or just plain hate it)? You no longer have to to preview an Office Live Workspace/Document. If your friend has set that option when inviting you in that …

Angus Apparently our pal Angus spends so much time working and gets so little love that he’s been reduced to starting his own fan club.  He can’t even get any love from cool new Cuil.  (We’re even mean to him here at LiveSide, although he was …

The Live Mesh Team just announced their next update, available later today, on their forum:

The Live Mesh team is pleased to announce the release of our next update, available later today. We are making Live Mesh available to more people and we’ve greatly streamlined the sign-up

Microsoft Live Search in your car? Microsoft has announced the immediate availability of Live Search for Devices, as the first of many new services for its automotive platform

REDMOND, Wash. — July 28, 2008 — Microsoft Corp. today announced it will expand its automotive offering beyond software

How much “hear say” influences people in their opinion has become painfully, or is it embarrassingly, clear during the Mojave Experiment. Vista was shown as the “next OS”,  codenamed “Mojave” to people who have never used Vista before. Afterwards they were asked to voice their opinion on it. …

No announcement yet but Microsoft has now made the Live Mesh client for Mac available for download from mesh.com. Check it out at at the Mac download page and see for yourself. There is a disclaimer that its still under development, however its great to see the team

msndirect Just getting the urge to regurgitate press releases out of our system today – but here’s just one more (hey, we read press releases so you don’t have to!).  Today Microsoft has announced an API for MSN Direct, to allow websites to send location information to navigation devices …

Microsoft has announced deals with a number of computer hardware manufacturers to pre-install Windows Live OneCare on new computers, including Sony Corporation of America and Toshiba Asia Pacific.

Consumers in more than 12 countries can now better protect and maintain their new PC with a free trial of


Looks like we’ll be seeing a new MSN.com homepage soon, even though it leaves Mini-Microsoft cold:

And some of the projects he’s (ed: Kevin Johnson) interested in and driving just leave me cold (e.g., the upcoming MSN UI revamp. It puts the F in WTF).

(Update: this …

With the recent deadpooling of Windows Live Expo, you could be forgiven for thinking that Microsoft was rationalising its online services. That’s not the case though, as this whois search shows. Microsoft appears to be preparing a new online service as part of wave 3, going by …

A post this weekend on msdn blogs from Yazan Rantawi explains how to get Live Mesh running on a Windows Server, and I just set it up with my Windows Home Server (which is Windows Server 2003 under the hood).  So far it seems to be working just …

Angus and dev.live.com have just announced that the July 2008 refresh of the Windows Live Tools was released today and includes some updates and bug fixes to the existing controls and importantly the release of the much anticipated Virtual Earth ASP.NET control.


Other major changes are:

  • SilverlightStreamingMediaPlayer control

Chris Pendleton is reporting today that the Photosynth team is moving into the Virtual Earth product group.

Ever since the launch of Photosynth there’s been much discussion about the natural synergy of it and Microsoft Virtual Earth. Well, it’s now official that you can begin additional speculation on

Just released are four new QuickApps, demo apps that you can use, study, and/or modify.  They take advantage of Windows Live and Microsoft tools such as Silverlight, Windows Live ID, Messenger, and more.  Angus Logan has more, including a description of the purposes of QuickApps:


Mary Jo Foley recently reported on her blog that Windows Live Wave 3 have completed the M1 (Milestone 1) stage. Our friend Picturepan2 over at LiveSino was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to interview a manager for Windows Live chatting about the progress of Windows Live …

So Live Search QnA has updated, but what exactly changed? Let me recap the rather large QnA Team post:

  • You now get 1 QnA point for voting again
  • No more deduction of a point for abuse reports that get overturned
  • NEW feature: Show violations page If

Chris Pendleton has a long post today about TrueSpace 7.6, and on his blog and also on the TrueSpace website there are some truly amazing renderings.  Check out some of the animations, along with the video on Chris’s blog.


Using Live Maps Collections, or VE Map Controls, …

In an unexpected move Microsoft today announced that the Platforms & Services Devision (PSD) will be split into two groups: Windows/Windows Live and Online Services. While the PSD President Kevin Johnson will work to ensure a smooth transition he will be leaving the company after 16 years.