Get 33gb of cloud storage for free with Windows Live

Our friend Picturepan2, who runs (which does a LOT more than just translate our posts into Chinese), got to adding up all the storage you get with Windows Live, inspired by a post by another LiveSide member, Jamie Thomson (edited to fix the spelling error and add the link, oops sorry Jamie 😉 ).

Turns out you get a whopping 33gb of storage from Windows Live, all for free.  Here’s a screenshot of his list:


…and if you add in the 50gb of storage you can get from OneCare Online Photo Backup (requires a OneCare subscription and $50/yr extra), and Hotmail Plus’ extra 5gb of storage for $19.95/yr, that brings the total up to 88gb of cloud storage available with Windows Live!  Here’s a nice pie chart pp2 made:

(Updated – New Chart: Office Live Workspaces fixed; added MSN Groups and Popfly; new totals 28.63gb and 83.63gb; and who knows these numbers may go “off the chart” soon!)


Just for fun I added a “Storage in the Cloud” category in our LiveSide List (along with a bunch of other fixes and improvements), and we’ll add to it if and when the numbers increase.  And since a Windows Live ID is free, you can double (or triple or ??) your 33gb by getting or using another Live ID.