Microsoft opens up Live Mesh for basic mobile access

After a great tip from one of our readers in our first Mesh tutorial, it appears as though the Live Mesh mobile portal has now also been opened up to the public. Available at, the website provides access to the basic functionality of Live Mesh through the browser, albeit without the ability to automatically synchronise folders that comes with a native client application. Its a start however, so here’s our quick walkthrough.

First you’ll need to sign in with the LiveID you use for Mesh. While it can be a bit cumbersome to enter the first time around, the username + password tend to get automatically saved between sessions are not saved between sessions on Live Mesh, which is different to other Windows Live mobile properties.

Once you’ve logged in, the homepage shows the aggregated news feed for all your folders, including new people joining your Mesh and new files/folders that have been created. Across the top of the page there are two tabs, News and Folders

The folders page does exactly what it says, listing out all the directories from your existing Mesh along with the individual news feed and the members of that folder. Functionality such as adding a folder and file is built-in, along with the ability to get at files already in your Mesh – great for getting that important piece of work you didn’t want to email to yourself.

Also available direct from the homepage is the ability to upload mobile photos to your Mesh, which auto-creates a Mobile Pictures folder for you. This is very useful for people without much storage on their mobile device, and provides a great alternative to hooking up your phone to the PC/Mac just to transfer photos across at the end of the day. While transfer will be slow if you don’t have a 3G connection or above, Mesh is definitely not slow, updating the new feed straightaway.

I’ll update this later after I’ve had more of a play. Thoughts welcome!

Update: Turns out it works pretty well on the iPhone too, but no upload feature. The comments show there’s rendering issues with Opera Mobile and Symbian devices, but it works ok on Blackberry (apparently no upload again though?). Keep the details coming, especially concerning which phones do/don’t have upload capabilities.

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