Live Mesh Scenarios Directory

Chris’es Live Mesh tutorial, Synchronising browser favourites across devices, inspired the guys over at Redmond Pie to create a Live Mesh Scenarios Directory:

Our friends at LiveSide posted this very nice tutorial on how to synchronize your browser favorites using Live Mesh…

So here at Redmond Pie, we have decided to create a “Live Mesh Scenarios Directory” where we are going to upload step by step tutorials for all the different kind of scenarios where we could use Live Mesh effectively to simplify our lives.

The Live Mesh Scenarios Directory currently holds four tutorials (or Scenarios as they call ‘em), aiming for more in the future. Readers can also help out by sending in their tutorials, the tutorial will then be posted with credit to the author.

Now this doesn’t mean that you won’t see any more Live Mesh tutorials from us here, or that you can’t tip us on any scenario you might have. What this does tell is that the idea is liked very much, if not contagious, well done Chris!

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