Windows Live Messenger For BlackBerry

Messenger Stuff discovered Windows Live Messenger is now also available for the BlackBerry:

Now Windows Live Messenger is compatible with the current leader in smartphones, the BlackBerry.

…The client in simple and lightweight, but like the BlackBerry’s user base, is designed for productive users. All in all this is a simple application, but if you’re a Blackberry user, who natively uses Windows Live ID, it is a must.


This also comes with access to Windows Live Hotmail and was promised in May.:

SEATTLE, Wash., and WATERLOO, Ontario — May 12, 2008 — Microsoft Corp. and Research In Motion (RIM) today announced an agreement to provide Microsoft Windows Live services on BlackBerry® smartphones. As a result of this collaboration, BlackBerry smartphone customers will enjoy easy mobile access to Windows Live Messenger and an enhanced level of integration between Windows Live Hotmail and the BlackBerry platform.

The integration of Windows Live services into the BlackBerry platform will allow customers who use Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger on their BlackBerry smartphone to benefit from the BlackBerry platform architecture with the ability to communicate in real time using push technology, and an exceptional mobile communications experience. Customers will also be able to seamlessly access their Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger account from their BlackBerry smartphone by simply entering their Windows Live e-mail address and password once.

Windows Live Hotmail for BlackBerry will allow customers to do the following:
• Use BlackBerry “push” technology for automatic message delivery and message synchronization so customers’ online account is up to date with actions taken on their BlackBerry smartphone
• Use a dedicated inbox for Windows Live Hotmail messages, which are automatically delivered to the smartphone. Customers can also choose to receive their Windows Live Hotmail messages, along with messages from other e-mail accounts, within a single inbox on their BlackBerry smartphone
• Display HTML e-mail with the ability to view graphics, Web links and contact photos in e-mails

Windows Live Messenger for BlackBerry will allow customers to do the following:
• Send instant messages and join group chats
• Set status and see the presence of friends and colleagues within Windows Live Messenger or their contact cards
• Customize status messages
• Save conversations
• Showcase their Display Picture (Avatar)
• Send and receive pictures and files
• Use more than 60 emoticons

Download Windows Live Messenger for the BlackBerry