Microsoft Global Exchange: Ballmer, Ozzie rock

Microsoft just wrapped up its annual Global Exchange, known by one and all as MGX.  This year it was in Atlanta, where 13,000 Microsoft employees, sales and marketing types, and evangelists gathered to get pumped up and ready to sell, sell, sell.  And from the looks of one photo we came across, MSN and Windows Live are high on the list:


Here’s a closer look at the slide:


(notice it says "Google" in the red box with the X through it)

From all the Twitter messages and various postings we’ve been spotting, it was a good show.  Steve Ballmer was in fine form, not only doing the monkey boy dance but crowdsurfing, as you can see in this short video:

Attendees also apparently saw some of the new ads for Vista, coming out later this year, and one attendee "got goosebumps – just, wow" (we won’t name him as he already expressed concern about getting fired ;)  ).  Ray Ozzie, and Microsoft Research were also apparently in fine form, with hints at plenty of cool stuff coming for PDC (yes, we’ll be there, will you?).