Live Mesh Tutorial: Synchronizing Messenger Plus! Skins, Scripts Etc.

Now we know how to synchronize Windows Live Messenger content, how about doing the same for Messenger Plus!?

What can we synchronize there? We can synchronize installed Skins and Scripts! Saves installing/downloading all those installation files again! When I say synchronize here I mean as in have all of those available on every device, it will not change the settings on any of the devices, e.g. on one device you use Skin A and on the other Skin B this will stay as is. You can also synchronize your chat logs if you want. Unfortunately you can not synchronize your Messenger Plus! (Live) Sound Library (technical reasons).

Before we begin, please keep the following in mind:
1. It is always wise to back up existing folders before synchronizing them.
2. Synchronizing between devices can result in unresolved conflicts if, when first synchronizing, the same files are found in the folders on both devices (doubles). If any, choose to keep the newest files.
3. Skins and/or Scripts that work with one version (either Messenger or Plus! version) may not work on another. Skins will be grayed out in preferences automatically if so, so no problem there. Should you experience any trouble with Scripts, please disable them all (if Messenger Plus! hasn’t done so for you already). You can enable em one by one to find out which one caused the problem, do not use that one on that device (keep disabled, do not delete unless you want it gone from both devices, remember it will synchronize!).
4. Allow some time for synchronization. Stuff you synchronize is not available until it’s finished and may require a restart of Messenger (Msg Plus!) before it is shown/can be used.

Both Skins and Scripts folder can be found in C:Program FilesMessenger Plus! Live

Let’s start by synchronizing the Skins folder:

Step 1: Navigate to C:Program FilesMessenger Plus! Live one of the devices, right click on the folder called Skins, then choose Add folder to your Live Mesh.

Step 2: On the other device, right click the shortcut that was placed on the desktop of that device, choose Sync with this device and change the Location to the existing Skins folder on that device. You can do this by clicking the browse button or by filling in the folder in said field directly (if you know the exact location on that device). Click OK.

Step 3: You will now be asked if you wish to merge this folder, choose Yes. You will notice the shortcut disappearing from the desktop of that device.

Step 4: We don’t need these files on our Live Desktop so we are going to tell Live Mesh not to sync to there. To do so open up your Live Desktop by clicking on Live Desktop in the Systray Notifier. Once on your Live Desktop right click the Skins folder, choose Change Sync settings and select Don’t Synchronize this device from the dropdown menu


Click OK. You will be notified that changes made in that folder on Live Desktop will be lost etc., click Continue.

Step 5: Repeat steps for the Scripts folder and/or the folder where you store your chat logs if you wish.

Step 6: All it takes now is some time to synchronize these files. How much time depends on how big the folders are (and the available bandwidth).


Once it’s done restart Messenger and you will have all synchronized Skins and/or Scripts at your disposal.

Now you can leave all those folders to synchronize, but I can also imagine you only wanted to use this to quickly get all Skins and/or Scripts at your new install. After removing it from your Live Mesh you can, for example, remove Scripts you don’t want on one device without this Script ending up in the recycle bin at the other device. To remove a folder from your Live Mesh simply delete the folder from the Live Desktop (right click folder, choose Delete).


When you do this, all synchronization, including “Ghosting” (explained here), is stopped and the folders on your devices will turn into regular ones again.