Pre-Beta Mac client for Live Mesh – Review only [updated]

After the recent flurry of Live Mesh posts we’ve done in the last 2 weeks, here’s one more. With all the recent updates that have gone on, users have been looking for client applications to run on devices other than Windows PCs, specifically for Macs and mobile devices. Check out the comments on the Live Mesh blog to see what I mean.

After a large slice of luck and a little investigative work on our part, we bring you a download link for the Mac installer . Its worth highlighting here that 1) this is not a beta release, therefore still a work in progress and is still under development 2) functionality isn’t complete 3) performance isn’t optimised 4) it has bugs and may not work correctly and 5) please re-read this sentence again. MS took it down now, so just screenshots for now.

Of course not having a Mac it was somewhat difficult for us to review the Mac client, so we turned to James and Kevin, bloggers from jkontherun, for their thoughts and screenshots. For those who don’t read the blog, these guys are to mobile devices as we are to Windows Live. Here’s the highlights, check out their post for more information. The key difference to the Windows client seems to be the lack of Remote Desktop functionality, you’ll see from the screenshots below that the overall feel and functionality are very similar.

Please note: this was only tested this on Intel machines using OS X Leopard 10.5.4.


Finder Integration 

Here’s the Mesh integrated into Finder on the Mac, showing the Mesh sidebar alongside. The Meshbar shows the members and synchronised devices just as on Windows devices.

Sync Options 

Synchronisation options for each directory are again similar to what we’re used to with Windows devices. Consistency across devices is clearly a key factor here, meaning that users only have to learn how to use Live Mesh once.

Images courtesy of jkontherunClubhouse