Live QnA: Next Release On July 22nd PDT, Site Down For Maintenance In The Afternoon

Live Search QnA, yes it still exists and still in beta form. Beta means there is still room for improvement and as such there will be a new release on the 22nd. In this release you should see several improvements made, all because of your feedback!

Beta means, above all, that this service is still evolving.  We’re exploring options to improve your experience with the service and community; your feedback is important to help us make the right choices.  As an online service, we can try out new things and respond to your ideas to try out new and interesting things.

Unfortunately, part of the fact that we’re a beta site and still testing means that not everything we try works perfectly…

You’ve definitely made that known to us, and we’re working to make things better. After all, this is our site, “our” including you, the users of QnA we hold near and dear to our hearts; we take your feedback very seriously, and we’re taking steps to address the problems you face as you use the site day by day.

Speaking of which, our next release is coming tomorrow so we’d like to give you an advance notice that the QnA site will be down for maintenance tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday, July 22nd PDT time zone).

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