Live QnA: About The Latest Updates To QnA

So Live Search QnA has updated, but what exactly changed? Let me recap the rather large QnA Team post:

  • You now get 1 QnA point for voting again
  • No more deduction of a point for abuse reports that get overturned
  • NEW feature: Show violations page
    If your content gets removed/moderated you will now be able to see why. After you click "Find out why," you’ll be taken to a page that shows you your recent issues.
  • NEW link “Latest Questions” has been added to the menu for quick access to the latest questions
  • Question titles expanded to 100 characters in list views so they won’t be cut off anymore
  • Question state graphical icons returned (Open for Answers, Open for Voting, Closed)
  • “Show question” page improved:
    Better use of space, more of the key content towards the top of the page. New interface for easier differentiation between “add answer” & “add comment”. Navigational links at both the top and bottom.
  • Ask question experience has improved by lay out improvements:
    Better use of space, more of the key content “above the fold”, “related questions” module has been moved to the right.
  • NEW: Firefox 3 support for all major functionality on the site

Besides these there are additional minor fixes and other requested improvements are under investigation. If you have feedback on this release then the team would like to hear from you in their QnA message board thread: “Your Feedback on the QnA release 7/22”

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