Live Mesh Mac client now not available for download [Updated]

No announcement yet but Microsoft has now made the Live Mesh client for Mac available for download from Check it out at at the Mac download page and see for yourself. There is a disclaimer that its still under development, however its great to see the team acknowledging the huge demand for this and making it available to the public.

Update: Turns out the client wasn’t quite ready for the prime-time yet as the download page and link have been removed :’(

PS: If you think we’re keen for the Mac client, you should see how crazy we are for mobile clients!

This comes a week after we previewed a Mac pre-beta client. Here’s a list of the features that are in the Mac version we previewed already as well as a comparison to Windows client.

  • Add your Mac to your Live Mesh – it will appear with your other devices on and throughout the Live Mesh UI.
  • Synchronize files between your Mac, your other computers, and your Live Desktop.
  • Synchronize folder contents between your Mac and other folder members.
  • Easily access Live Mesh news, your Live Desktop, and manage your devices from the Live Mesh menu bar item.
  • Receive notifications through Live Mesh when updates are available and easily update the Live Mesh extender for Mac.

On OS X, Mesh is integrated into Finder, showing the Mesh sidebar alongside the folder view. The Meshbar provides the basic functionality of configuring the sharing of folders with other users and devices. Look similar to the Windows version? It should do.

The synchronisation options should also be familiar, allowing for synching folders just to the cloud, to other devices or in the future, strictly p2p.

Images courtesy of jkontherun

As Kip mentioned yesterday, you can now also install Live Mesh on your Windows Server, including Windows Home Server as well. Oh and don’t forgot the mobile Mesh access too, available through your mobile browser at It works on the iPhone as well as on Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Symbian devices, unfortunately upload functionality is currently limited to just the Pocket IE browser.

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