Office Live Workspace: Allow Previewing A Shared Workspace Or Document Without Sign-In/Sign-Up

Are you, just like me, hesitant to sign up for something just to preview/look at something a friend send you (or just plain hate it)? You no longer have to to preview an Office Live Workspace/Document. If your friend has set that option when inviting you in that is.

How to do that:

1. Open up the workspace or document you wish to share and click Share:


2. Click Share, or incase you are already sharing with someone Share with more. Then in the Sharing Pane, add in the email addresses for the people you want to preview your content:


and… comes the trick: check the box in front of Let everyone view this without signing in. A little note of warning though:


3. Click Send

Now an Invitation mail will be send to the recipients. All they have to do is click the link to preview the shared Workspace/Document, no need to sign in or sign up! If they wish to do so after previewing they can sign up or sign in by clicking Sign up on the left navigation bar.

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