Live Search: New Home Page Design Released

The new look for Live Search, which Kip saw before is going to be rolled out over the next 24 hours within the US, with more markets to follow in the future.


This is what it looks like (I found a hotspot too). If you don’t see it like that: click the image.

– The new design features background rotating images with interactive “hotspots” embedded in them that direct users to vertical search results related to a particular image. Rotating here means the picture will be changed frequently by the team, refreshing does not give you a new one….I’ve tried!

– Hotspots “gleam” to the user when the page first loads then fade back into the image.  When a user’s prompt discovers them within the image, textual details pertaining to the image appear, enabling the user to click through for a related search results page.

There’s also some links for even more discoveries, one of them is Take a tour of Live Search. Here you can explore the latest features of Live Search and get a “Tip of the Day”. More info can be found on the Live Search Team blog.