Important Update To My.Live.Com just got an important update:

  • New Header, with links to Home, Hotmail, Spaces, Onecare and MSN. The Orb gives access to even more, just like on all other Windows Live sites
  • Usability Improvements
    A confirmation prompt to prevent accidental deletions of gadgets and feeds has been added, “Add Stuff” has been renamed to “Add Content” and the visibility of this link has been improved, “Edit” has been changed to “Customize” in the gadget chrome and there’s more space between the Customize link and the delete gadget “X” icon.
  • IE 8.0 and FireFox 3.0 Support now supports the Beta for IE 8.0 and the final version of FF 3.0.
  • Add Content Directory Updates
    Check out the Add Content directory for new feeds and gadgets. New items include the full line-up of content from, selections from Office Online, MSN Video, WeatherBug, and more!

Besides these there are bug and glitch fixes. The Team also created a Suggestions and Feedback forum on Forums. A minor update is expected in the Fall and they are working on another project on which they will tell more in the coming months.

We’ll be on the look-out!