FolderShare to live on as Windows Live Sync?

Apparently the shroud of secrecy that surrounds Windows Live and Wave 3 doesn’t extend to help files, as our friend Picturepan2 at discovered as he was snooping around doing some investigative reporting.  While Microsoft has maintained that FolderShare would continue on, even in the face of what seems to be redundancy with Live Mesh, those outside the company have been wondering what would become of FolderShare.

FolderShare was acquired when Microsoft bought ByteTaxi in 2005, and offers file and folder synchronization between computers with a web interface component.  Folder synchronization between Windows and Mac computers is possible.  However it does not offer “in the cloud” storage, or work on the FeedSync RSS underpinnings that power Live Mesh (at least in its current configuration).

Here’ a screenshot posted of the help file listing:

Live Sync help

This seems to give concrete evidence that FolderShare will continue, while being renamed as Windows Live Sync.  A new version of the FolderShare beta was released on June 27 of this year, again pointing to the project as still being viable (unlike, say Windows Live Favorites, which hasn’t been heard from in quite a while and may have been superseded by Live Mesh).