Windows Live Help confirms Wave 3 features in Mail, Photo Gallery and Toolbar

Our friend Picturepan2 at LiveSino has again done some more investigative reporting in Windows Live Help revealing and confirming Wave 3 features in Mail, Photo Gallery and Toolbar. Here’s a summary of what’s discovered:

  • Windows Live Photo Gallery

    Add people tags (Textual data attached to a photo to refine its definition and meaning by identifying the person or persons in the photo. You can sort your photos according to what people tags they have, making it easier to find photos of your friends and family.) to your photos to make sorting and finding photos of your friends and family easier. You can create people tags and add them to your photos at any time.


  • Windows Live Mail

    Calendars: You can create calendars and events whether you’re signed in to Windows Live Mail or not. However, if you do sign in, any calendars that you’ve created in Windows Live Calendar Beta are automatically imported into Windows Live Mail, and changes that you make in either Windows Live Mail or Windows Live Calendar Beta are reflected in the other. Also, your calendars are available from any computer on which you sign in to Windows Live Mail. If you don’t sign in, you can access your calendars only from the computer on which you created them. For more information, see About calendars.

    You can also update when events occur and schedule events to occur regularly over a period of days, weeks, months, or years. If you sign in to Windows Live Mail with your Windows Live ID, Windows Live Mail can send you reminders (A scheduled message that Windows Live Mail sends to you to remind you that an event in your calendar is about to occur) before each event starts to help ensure that you never miss an event.

    It even reveals the little Calendar icon that’s going to appear in Windows Live Mail: WLMailCalendaricon

  • Windows Live Toolbar

    Windows Live Calendar Beta is a free online calendar program that you can use to keep track of personal appointments, family get-togethers, group schedules, birthdays, holidays, and other events. When you’re signed in with your Windows Live ID, you can always see a summary of your calendar on Windows Live Toolbar Beta, and the Calendar Beta website is just a click away.

Looks like Microsoft is revealing more and more about what’s coming up in Windows Live Wave 3. Stay tuned as we continue updating you on what’s coming.