New LifeCam models on the way – VX5500 and LifeCam Show

It looks like Microsoft will soon be shipping new versions of its webcam hardware line, the LifeCam. Some electronics retailers are already showing the VX-5500 and the LifeCam Show in their product listings, for $60 and $80 respectively.

As always the Germans are on the game, and the VX-5500 is up on the Microsoft Germany website (factsheet too). With a choice of 3 colours for the front bezel, the information site also shows a nice Vista sidebar gadget allowing for direct video calling. Sweet! The specifications don’t appear to be much changed from previous LifeCam versions, with 0.3mp video and 1.3mp photo

According to one retailer the ETA for the VX-5500is 1 week, but looking at the specification sheet shows a release date of 24 September 2008, which is still 6 weeks off.

Not much is known about the LifeCam Show, but first indications are that it will a renamed VX-8000 model. Microsoft has also applied for a trademark on this brand, so it’ll be interesting to see what the features are like. As always, please tip us if you spot anything.

PS: Can anybody translate the Windows Live Call section of the factsheet for us? Remember that this service expired for Europeans on July 31, and for the USA its the end of this month, we’re interested to see what Microsoft is saying about it now…