Microsoft Previews 3G Mobile Video Service For MSN Mobile

Today The MSN Mobile team introduces MSN Video service for 3G mobile phones:

Building on our existing mobile portal the MSN Mobile team has been working hard to introduce our first mobile video service.  Designed for 3G phones and 3G networks this service delivers consumer video via our MSN Video service to mobile phones.  Available today in the US only this initial release is now in trial and available for use by millions of our users.

Images by Phil Holden

Video content will be phased over time, with more added in the coming weeks.  Initially today or pretty soon you should be able to see content from MSNBC News, FOX Sports, Dilbert, New Yorker, Dish Diva celebrity interviews, Dateline NBC, Today, Hardball, MSN Money, Stupid Videos,  NBC Sports, MSN Autos and a wide range of movie trailers amongst others. During the launch of our trial there are over 2,000 videos available for previewing and more will be added on a weekly basis.

The service is designed for 3G networks so when customers connect to MSN Mobile we detect the phone capabilities and if it has the ability to play our videos customers will be able to view the video tab.  We support streaming and downloading, again assuming that the phone has one or both of these capabilities.  Today we support a large number of handsets and we will add more as we scale out the service through release. 

If you have a 3G phone you should start to see the service by visiting here

Sadly US only for now but other markets will follow overtime, same goes for the pre-roll ads…