Google Maps: We’re not evil, just not very good

Apparently there’s been a bit of a stir around what Google Maps did/didn’t do to their maps of the country of Georgia.  In a blog post today, Google says they haven’t done anything to their maps in relation to the conflict currently affecting Georgia, that they’ve just never had any good information on the country to begin with:

Some of our customers have asked if we removed map data from any of these countries in response to the recent hostilities in that region and I can assure you that is not the case. Data for these countries were never on Google Maps in the first place.

  Here’s what you get today from Google Maps:


Of course if you wanted information on Georgia, or South Ossetia, you could try Live Search Maps:


And then, in an unrelated but kind of funny aside, one of my favorite blogs PhotoShop Disasters posted what appears to be (poor) photoshopping of a Google Map of a part of the Netherlands, near Brummen:


(note the repetition of the white tree, etc)

Live Search Maps has a nicer picture (of course):


We doubt the black helicopter assertion, as the patch of trees is next to a golf course, and we’re not saying that any and all map offerings probably aren’t fixed up somewhere along the line, just funny that PhotoShop Disasters picked up on it.