Microsoft DMCA’s us on Windows Live Wave 3 Messenger info

No its not the 1st of April, Microsoft sent us (and again) a takedown for the Messenger Wave 3 screenshots posted on 11th August. If you’re wondering what the email looked like, check out this sample notice. Ours was from the same individual too, however as it was sent direct to our ISP we’ve had no discussion with MS about their concerns and just removed the “offending” items.

We wouldn’t mind it so much, but the post was 3 weeks old, and didn’t even contain a link to the download. Now that the build is available publicly on the internet, we’re not quite sure what this achieves. Guess someone is going to have to send Wikipedia a DMCA notice too. It does smell of trying to set a precedent, which makes us the wounded bull for the next few weeks. Good news for readers, bad news for Microsoft execs trying to manage their PR.

For future reference Microsoft, most of the time we respond to being nicely asked :)