Tracking Gustav And Hanna With Virtual Earth

For all those who would like to keep up with the whereabouts of Hurricane Gustav and tropical storm Hanna (which might still grow out to a hurricane), here are two resources to do so.

1. At the new Emergency Resources web site of TNRIS. As reported by Chris Pendleton this site overlays Doppler weather with a Virtual Earth map for storm tracking.


You can also get down to a specific city, by geocoding places in the search box.

2. At MSNBC’s Hurricane Tracker.


At this one you can track Gustav and Hanna, you pick the one you want to track from the “more” dropdown. Additional information is displayed about the maximum wind speed, ground speed and pressure. There’s also a timeline displayed showing how the storm/hurricane evolved. The categories are color coded.

That just leaves me to wish everybody in those areas good luck, may you be safe!