As expected, Microsoft unveils Windows Live Video Messages

mslv_welcome_gadget While Steve Jobs, his health, and a new slew of iPods dominated the tech news today, Microsoft tried to make a bit of a splash as well.  Zune is getting a new color and some new capabilities (including expanded sync via wi-fi and the ability to buy songs you here on the radio), there’s a new BlueTrack mouse (see Chris, blue is everywhere!) that “works virtually on any surface” (umm, like there’s a big call for that?  I mean it’s cool and everything, but do you really need to take your mouse camping?), and most importantly to the world of Windows Live, Video Messages was released into beta today.

We told you about Video Messages a couple of weeks ago, but now it’s official.  Brandon LeBlanc has more on the Windows Experience blog, and you can download the Video Messages Vista Sidebar gadget (714 downloads so far, woohoo!), or join the beta.