Stream Video And Location Together With GPS-Enabled Mobile Video

Want to show off your route along with your position on a Virtual Earth map? Take people on a tour with you without them physically there? All possible if you have a Windows Live Mobile phone with GPS. Chris Pendleton, VE Evangelist, reports:

Inca Mobile is rolling out some interesting technology to simultaneously stream video from a mobile phone while leveraging the onboard GPS to track position of where a user is and is moving to and from. The software, called Live Media GPS, currently in beta, runs on Windows Mobile 5 and 6 on phones (with GPS and camera) and is available for free download. You can then watch the video in real time, tracking the position of the camera on Microsoft Virtual Earth.

The application above embeds a Silverlight Streaming video with a Virtual Earth map to show the video coming across the wire side-by-side with the camera geolocation in real time. So, while you’re watching the video you can still navigate the map, switch to the aerial photo map style or even 3D. There are a couple other videos you can watch which illustrate highlighting the GPS trail of the route, positioning starting and current position points, and visualizing, rotating and navigating the map using the Virtual Earth 3D interface.

On the site there are several (YouTube) videos you can watch including this demo video:

Hungry for more vids in Silverlight? Check out the Live Media GPS website.

Sounds cool eh? Want to give it a go? Go ahead, get your free download today!