Community of sneaky geniuses – more Wave 3 teasers in our comments

You know what they say: “two heads are better than one”. The same is true for inquisitive users, as the comments to yesterday’s post on the new Windows Live Wave 3 betas showed.

First up was luisfelipe, who found an internal beta email sent to Microsoft employees. This has since been removed, except for the copy I saved – doh. Nice to see all those corpnet links floating around, but not that useful.

Then there was cleitondj, who managed to get up the Wave 3 header on this error message page. Sign-in for yourself if you want to see it in the wild, but remember there’s no access to the actual services yet.

And finally there was BV2312, who managed to get onto the new Spaces homepage, until they took that down too. Luckily PicturePan2 managed to grab some screeenshots showing some of the new default headers that run across all the Windows Live Wave 3 services. He also got linked this image showing the new status indicators that will appear around your display picture on the new Wave 3 header – not yet working though.

  wave 3 glow 

Check out how they are expected to look in Windows Live Wave 3 Messenger too!

Finally, and speaking of Messenger, check out this bonus link sent into our tips hotline by SSP: tips [at] liveside d0t net. It shows the French Windows Live Messenger download page, along with a “Test Soon – Messenger 2009 beta” button. The url it points to doesn’t work yet though, even with view source :(

Keep those tips coming!