Wave 3: So much news, so little time

I'mAPC Hi, I’m a PC (lol just wanted to get that out of the way).  Wow lots of attention about Wave 3, funny how that happens when there’s no news for a year.  In this post we just want to clean up some odds and ends before we get to deeper dives into Wave 3.

First, and we have to excuse damaster’s zeal in his original post on Photo Gallery, but facial recognition does indeed exist in this beta version.  He updated the post to correct his initial impression with some nice new screenshots.  Check it out (and thanks for the tip, Ryan!).

Next up, and as we reported previously on LiveSide, Windows Live FolderShare is changing it’s name to Windows Live Sync, as confirmed by our friend Raphael Rivera, who did some nice digging of his own.  He even found a download link for the new Windows Live Sync beta. (and another tipster to thank, this time Suril!)

And finally in a fit of self aggrandizement (just kidding Robert), Robert McLaws “tipped” us that he posted on getting Windows Live Wave 3 to work on Windows Server machines (now why would you want to do that, we wonder?).  Anyway, check out Robert’s post if you want to bring social networking to your server box.