Wave 3: Windows Live Writer – A First Look

So now that you can download Wave 3, we’ve seen Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows Live Mail, now let’s look at Windows Live Writer:



A lot of what is in this new beta was seen in the Live Writer CTP back in June, like the SDK we have already discussed, and nothing is new from that point of view. Obviously the UI has changed to look more in line with the rest of the Wave 3 products.

Inserting videos has been a part of Writer since the final release of Wave 2 last year, and in the CTP, Writer allowed you to upload your own videos to Soapbox and insert them without ever having to leave Writer. Well, they’ve taken that one step further and you can now post your videos to YouTube.

WriterCTPUploadVideoWindow WriterVideoWindowUpload
Writer CTP Writer Wave 3



What’s also changed with videos is you’re not just limited to Soapbox to get your already existing videos from:

WriterCTPInsertVideoWindow WriterInsertVideoWindow
Writer CTP Writer Wave 3

Writer now supports some newer blogs, and whilst I don’t have a complete list as yet, I do know that this does include Radio Userland:


We’re also hearing that this version of Writer will also support some of the new services coming in the Wave 3 update, including photos.live.com, which should allow greater interaction between Writer and the photo services from Windows Live. So keep your eyes open here as when these service interactions do go live, you can bet we’ll be posting about them.

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