Live Mesh: Update Folder Conflict Issue

Were you wondering, just like us, why it got so quiet after the last warning about unmap/remap/uninstalling of Live Mesh? The team just posted an explanation/update on their blog. If you are interested in the technical details of these issues, read this.

On the forum we also find the most important bits:

Last week we posted a sticky in our forums containing the details of a recently discovered issue which has resulted in some Live Mesh folders being only partially synchronized. To better serve our customers, we have analyzed our storage service to identify folders that might have been impacted. If our analysis shows that you have a folder that might have been affected by this issue, resulting in either a large number of conflicts associated with your folders or fewer than expected files, you will be receiving an e-mail from us within the next three days asking whether you would like us to perform an automated clean up tool on our servers that will resolve spurious conflicts and retrieve missing files. Further details about this process will be included in that e-mail. Note that while this tool can greatly assist those with large numbers of affected folders, we cannot guarantee that all files and folders will be restored to their original state.

We will also soon be posting steps for performing a manual recovery to help those of you who have a small number of affected folders.

Finally, please remember that Live Mesh is currently a Tech Preview and that you should always backup any data stored in Live Mesh.

Thank you for testing Live Mesh and helping us deliver a better product.

The Live Mesh Team

So, for now you don’t have to do a thing to fix all this! The team will email you if you were severely affected by these issues.

Very nice, thanks Live Mesh Team :)

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