Live Search adds features as market share shrinks

More of the same from comScore this week, as the latest numbers show that in the US, Live Search and Yahoo! continue to lose share to Google.  While US search share numbers from the three major reporting services (comScore, Neilsen Online, and Hitwise) do not always agree, they usually aren’t that far off from each other either.  In the comScore version, while the number of searches in August remained about the same as the number for July, Google gained, and both Microsoft and Yahoo! lost (interestingly, Ask and AOL gained as well).


In the meantime, however, Live Search continues to press on.  Live Search Maps continues to keep adding imagery, a stand alone Live Map of India similar to standalone maps of China and Taiwan, and the technology acquired with the recent purchase of Powerset is already starting to show up in Live Search, in the form of better Wikipedia captions, improved Instant Answers, and better lists of related searches.