Hotmail to begin rollout of new, faster release

Windows Live Hotmail will begin to roll out an update starting today.  The new release does away with the “full” and “classic” versions, and combines the two into a simpler, faster service.  Included in the new release:

  • Enhanced address book, allowing customers to easily see emails they’ve exchanged with contacts and keep contacts in one consolidated place to use across Windows Live services.
  • Ever Increasing Storage – 5 GB to start, with an additional 500 MB per month if customers hit their limit
  • Integrated web-based IM with Windows Live Messenger*
  • Improved spam fighting technologies that significantly reduce spam.
  • Integrated calendar features and Outlook Connector.

*Some features will take several months to reach all users globally

Leave us a note in the comments if you’re seeing a new, improved Hotmail