What happened to Hotmail?

Last week, after receiving a “tip” from Microsoft’s PR firm Waggener Edstrom, we posted on the coming rollout of a new version of Hotmail.  Our readers were quick to try and catch the new version in the wild, checking out different Bay numbers like the junior sneaky geniuses we know you are.


Then on Friday, that bastion of breaking news Windows Live Wire, and the Your Mail Come and Get It blog announced the update.  And yet we sit here still on Monday morning without an update, at least on any of our accounts.  Our friends at LiveSino.net appeared to have seen it, but that turned out to be a screenshot given to them, and not the new update caught in the wild.

In another post on the Live Wire, this one on Microsoft Choice Guard (a little program that forces setting search and home page providers on browsers that are set to block those changes, with your permission), a number of commenters seem to have the new Hotmail, although they don’t seem too happy about it:

“I want my old e-mail back, This sucks.”

“Bring back my old e-mail form!!!!   Can’t read a thing or forward”

“Cannot read any new mail ! 155 in inbox and growing , bring back my old hotmail account”

“New hotmail does not work. Cannot get into my junk, deleted, sent or draft mail (only into new mail inbox). I am distressed.”

“how do you froward an email when you haven’t got your contacts on the same page?”

“Horrendous. I cannot get my email.”

So we know that a new Hotmail is coming, at almost any time. As of this writing it doesn’t seem to have rolled out very far, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing, until the bugs get worked out.  We’ll be waiting right along with all of you (and yes we’re aware that with our luck Hotmail will get updated the moment we post this).