A minor update to Live Search homepage

As I’ve always had My.Live.com set as my homepage, this (minor) update to Live Search homepage over at Live.com actually skipped pass my eyes. It only occurred to me today that they have updated the homepage – but don’t worry, the goodies like hotspots and the daily background images are still there!


I guess the most important bit to note is the inclusion of “Hotmail” at the top-left corner, and on every Live Search page. Microsoft had sure highlighted its importance by making it seem like Hotmail is on the same level as it’s other major online channels – Live Search, MSN, and Windows Live – instead of having Hotmail as a branch of Windows Live. Together with the recent rollout of Hotmail Wave 3, Microsoft  seems to be leveraging on Hotmail to gain greater reach to their other Windows Live offerings for those users who are still unsure of what “Windows Live” means. Good move Microsoft!