Live Mesh at PDC: David Treadwell “spills the beans”

With PDC, the Professional Developer’s Conference and Microsoft’s big coming out party for Software + Services coming in only three weeks, news is starting to filter out about what to expect.  Last week in London Steve Ballmer let loose that a “Windows Cloud” operating system would be announced, and David Treadwell will be onstage on Tuesday to keynote some significant Live Mesh announcements.  Treadwell talked to Channel 9 about Live Mesh, although we’re not sure he really “spilled the beans”, as Angus seems to think he did:

Countdown to PDC2008: What the heck are Microsoft’s Live Platform Services? Treadwell Tells All!

Still, we’re getting close to the point where hopefully Microsoft will want to actually talk about products in their pipeline.  Anyone care to keep count of Microsoft blog posts both pre- and post PDC?