Live Services Jumpstart 2009

Via Mary-Jo Foley and Angus Logan we learn that Microsoft has just aired the site Live Services Jumpstart 2009 for their ‘secret training’ sessions ‘to explore the full breadth of the consumer components of … Live Services’. This 2-day training session will be held in 11 cities around the world (US, Asia, Australia, Western-Europe and Eastern-Europe), and will provide a deep-dive in different Windows Live technologies. While you’re able to register for it, it’s an invitation-only event and attendance is free (although MJF reports otherwise).

According to the Jumpstart and PDC agendas the following technologies are part of Live Services:

Microsoft Virtual Earth
Live Search
Windows Live ID

Web Authentication
Client Authentication
Delegated Authentication
Federated Authentication
Silverlight Streaming
Windows Live User Data APIs
Windows Live Messenger
Live Mesh

For the reader that paid attention, this list consists of all the current APIs and SDKs that allow developers to get data from Windows Live. Some other remarkable points are:

The domain name is while the site itself continuously talks about ‘Live Services Jumpstart’. You’d expect it to be
The logo that is associated with Live Services is the logo currently being used by Live Mesh. Given this and the frequent use of Live Services in combination with Live Mesh in the PDC agenda, it is being revealed that Live Mesh is part of Live Services.
The notion of “I’ll ‘MSN’ you!” may sound remarkable to some readers, however in some countries (including The Netherlands) the acronym MSN has become a synonym for IM’ing.

From the PDC agenda we learn that programming against these Live Services is backed by the Live Framework. As it seems that it is a new framework, with a new architecture, we might see a refresh of the whole spectrum of APIs and SDK currently being offered, during PDC later this month.