Deep Zoom Composer And PhotoZoom Site Updated For Silverlight 2

We already told you that Microsoft Released Silverlight 2, but along with that a new version of the Deep Zoom Composer has also been released.

Nothing new in this version besides reliability improvements and that it now works with the newly released Silverlight 2. The team is focusing on improving existing features as they are getting close to wrapping up work on version 1 of this powertoy. Details on some of those under the hood changes will be posted on their Blog in the upcoming months.

As you already know, via the Deep Zoom Composer you can upload to PhotoZoom, so this site has also been updated to work with the new Silverlight 2 release.

Download Deep Zoom Composer

You can leave your feedback here or on the Deep Zoom Composer Forums.

Did you know: you can launch the Deep Zoom Composer by double-clicking on the project file (.DZPRJ) itself.

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