Windows Live Messenger Program Managers talk about Wave 3: LiveSide interview part 2 of 3

In part one of our interview, Alton Kwok talked about some of the new features in the new Messenger beta, including an interesting history of “the pawn”, and how it finally was replaced in Messenger Wave 3 with “the chiclet”.  Next up is Brian Moudy, who works on Groups, and is “incredibly excited” about the possibilities:


(While we get our video hosting all figured out, here’s a couple of screenshots of Alton, Brian, and Marisol):

alton  brian and marisol

I’ll have part three up soon, where Marisol talks about design, and the group talks about what it means to be a Program Manager.  Good stuff.

Windows Live Messenger PMs talk Wave 3 Part 1
Part 1 wmv