LiveSide Live from PDC! (we hope)

The long awaited PDC, Microsoft’s Professional Developer’s Conference, gets underway unofficially on Sunday, and then in full force on Monday October 27, with keynotes by Ray Ozzie, Steven Sinofsky, David Treadwell, and others.  We’ll be there, and we’re excited to be included in an “All-Star” cast of characters who are going to attempt to live-blog the keynotes:


Ed Bott, Mary Jo Foley, yours truly, Rafael Rivera, Paul Thurrott, Tom Warren, and Long Zheng have banded together to bring you our take on the keynotes, using CoverItLive.  Now if you’ve been to tech conferences before, you may know that possibly the worst place on earth to try and get live coverage of the event is from the floor, especially when hundreds of bloggers are all trying to live stream, upload video, check their email, twitter, and download bits all at the same time, all through the convention hall’s wifi system.  We’ve got a couple of backup plans ready just in case, but in any event it should be a fun experiment.


In addition, I’ll try and log some reports and some video from PDC as much as I can.  I’m also going to check in on Twitter, using the LiveSide Twitter account.  If you’re one of the 150+ that are following us, thanks, and you’re all set.  If not, you can follow us at, and I’ll be checking the @liveside replies if you have a question or a burning desire.

We’ve got some fun stuff planned for  PDC (and some good seats, more on that at the keynote!).  Really looking forward to seeing some of our old friends, hearing a lot about Windows Live and Microsoft’s live services, and partaking in the madness that is a large tech conference (ok not so much on that one).  I’ll have some LiveSide stickers so if you’re at PDC don’t forget to ask!

UPDATE: oh and one more thing: in a new side project, Mary Jo Foley and Gavin Clarke from The Register have teamed up on a new podcast called MicroBite.  Their first episode is up, featuring among others, ummmm, me!, talking about Live Mesh.  Give it a listen!