Windows Azure, PDC, Wifi, and more

Just spent the morning listening to Ray Ozzie and company unveil Windows Azure, a combination of Amazon EC2 type hosted services, Microsoft Online Services, and tools to hook them all together, sort of.  While not really Windows Live centric, Microsoft is making a big bet on “the cloud”, and many of the same services that Microsoft runs Windows Live with will soon be open to developers, hobbyists, and enterprise to make use of.

If you were able to follow along on our CoverItLive site, thanks.  At one point we had about 2500 viewers (across all of our sites), the wifi stayed up, and I was personallly very impressed with CoverItLive, hope you enjoyed it.  Of course today was a bit developer and enterprise centric, but tomorrow will be focused much more on Live Mesh, we’re looking forward to it.

There are about 6500+ people here in LA for PDC, and with almost all of them in one room on a wifi connection it amazingly still worked, for the most part.  We should have lots more in the coming days from PDC.