Windows Live Tools For Visual Studio Updated

Whilst there has been no official word on this yet, I noticed today that the Windows Live Tools for Visual Studio has been updated on Microsoft Downloads.

From the download page:

This CTP is an update to July 2008 CTP Release. In this CTP, we have made Windows Live Tools compatible with Windows Azure and upgraded to Silverlight 2.0. This package includes following:
ASP.NET Server Controls
• Contacts
• IDLoginStatus
• IDLoginView
• Map
• MessengerChat
• SilverlightStreamingMediaPlayer
Visual Studio Project Template
• ASP.NET Windows Live Web Site
• Windows Live Web Application
• Windows Live Web Role (template for Windows Azure Cloud Project)

The major update is the compatibility with Azure, which as you know, got released yesterday.

The update, from what I can tell, will require you to uninstall any previous version of the Tools (although this could have just been my PC, but whatever).

Download the update from Microsoft Downloads.