Live Mesh video interview parts 1 and 2: Abhay Parasnis and Jeff Hanson

Our coverage of PDC continues with some big announcements about Live Mesh coming out of LA.  Sometime this week you will be required to update Live Mesh, and after that will be introduced to some significant changes.  Beginning with very limited betas (much like the way Live Mesh itself was rolled out gradually), Live Mesh will soon include support for Macs, and for mobile (Windows Mobile 6).  We will also see coming up in the next few months the addition of “web apps”, small programs that can be run in the browser “in the cloud”, or also offline, and will have the same sync capabilities that Live Mesh folders do.  Right now these web apps are only available to developers, we’ll have more on how you can get a chance to play with them in upcoming posts.

I talked to Abhay Parasnis, General Manager Live Mesh, and Jeff Hanson, General Manager Services Marketing about Live Mesh, the Azure Platform and the new web apps in part one of the interview:


(just a couple of technical notes: 1: no they didn’t put us in the kitchen ;), we were in a very nice press cubicle with no ceiling not far away from where they were clearing lunch from the press room.  Really it didn’t sound like that live, but not much we could have done about it anyway, and 2: sorry about a bit of a smudge on the camera lens, could have done something about that, lesson learned)

In part two, we move around behind Abhay’s laptop and get to take a look at web apps:


We’ll have lots more on Live Mesh coming up.  In the meantime you can take a look at, materials for a number of the sessions are already up.