Office Live Workspace Utilizes Silverlight For Multiple Document Uploading

Office Live Workspace got updated. More languages were added: Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Czech, Turkish, Portuguese, and Greek. You can change your language with the language switcher at the bottom right of the page if you wish to do so. But that’s not all, they also introduce new features. One gets a particular mention on the Workspace Team Blog and that’s the use of Microsoft Silverlight to add multiple documents/files to your workspace:

The most notable one is a new way to add multiple documents to your workspace using Silverlight, which my good colleague Avrum designed.  You may have heard some buzz around Silverlight technology.  It allows for a richer Web experience more akin to what is usually seen in client (desktop) software.

Get this functionality easily by downloading Silverlight, signing in to your workspace, and clicking Add Document. Select a bunch of files to upload, and you’ll see them appear beneath the workspace that you want and then gradually pop into the workspace as they are successfully added.  This is a much better experience than previously, where we used a separate window for uploading. 


Looking very good! The Office Live Update also got tweaked:

We also tweaked our Office Live Update to provide a seamless experience for users installing it from outside Office Live Workspace. If you haven’t used the update yet, check it out. It makes saving files directly from Office to workspaces really easy. 

It truly does, you can open and save your documents directly from/to your Office Live Workspace from your Office Applications (video).

And not only did Office Live Update get tweaked, it also notified me that there was a new version of it available:


You can install/download by clicking on that link or by clicking on Download in Using Your Workspace.

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Did you know? Recovering deleted documents is easy on Office Live Workspace

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