Windows Live FrameIt – new partners, coming to a photo frame near you!

FrameIt We previously talked about Windows Live FrameIt, but we never found any practical use for it, besides a vision into the future with some Live Mesh integration. With today’s Windows Live Wave 3 announcement, Windows Live FrameIt is officially announced as part of the Wave 3 release and Microsoft has partnered with multiple manufacturers to produce FrameIt-integrated devices. First of all, here’s a description, officially from Microsoft’s PR, of FrameIt:

Windows Live FrameIt allows you to dynamically deliver photos and other content such as news, traffic and weather directly to digital picture frames that are wirelessly enabled. Through one service, you can set up personalized albums that contain pictures and content from any compatible photo-sharing site to be delivered to any compatible wireless picture frame and have that content dynamically updated when new images are uploaded.

FrameIt devices

Updated: Microsoft has partnered with leading digital photo frame manufacturers Amlogic, Aequitas, NAVTEQ, Pandigital, PhotoVu, RMI, Smartparts and Viewsonic to provide extend their FrameIt service into your digital photo frames. An example of how this integration is done, according to PhotoVu, is summarised here:

  • PhotoVu AutoFeed™ configuration allows customers to setup FrameIt on a USB flash drive then send it to another PhotoVu user. Once the drive is inserted, it starts to work immediately with no additional configuration.
  • PhotoVu SmartSync™ support syncs with online photos and information. If images are added or deleted, the changes will be reflected on the next FrameIt update.
  • Set times to play the FrameIt content using the PhotoVu scheduling feature.
  • Automatic image sizing using PhotoVu SmartResize™ to optimize each photo, without distortion, for full screen display.
  • PhotoVu Real-Time Vu™ allows customers to see new photos right after the FrameIt content is sync’ed. Great for weather or breaking news!
  • Pretty impressive! FrameIt is starting to get it’s spotlight with more focus being placed on it during CES 2008 this year. With a possibility of even integrating Live Mesh technologies, it’d be interesting to see what this service will become.