Windows Live SkyDrive – what’s to come in the next update

SkyDrive We saw today that there’s a major announcement about Windows Live Wave 3 to be released across all services soon, and one of the updated service is Windows Live SkyDrive. The SkyDrive team were one of the first to post about what’s to come in the next update on their team blog, here’s a summary of what they say:

Increased Storage
– Upgraded from the current 5GB to 25 GB of online storage!

    File Organisation
    Download photos directly to Windows Live Photo Gallery
    – Download as a .zip file Download an entire folder in one compressed file (initially available only in the United States, Denmark, and Ireland)
    – Move files between folders and support for copying files to multiple folders

SkyDrive 2

  • File Sharing
    – Share files and photos without requiring others to use Windows Live ID
    – Share files according to Categories or “Networks” in Windows Live People, instead of having to select individual contacts
    – Integrates with the new Windows Live Toolbar to share your Favorites with others (we mentioned earlier that Windows Live Favorites is being integrated into SkyDrive)
    What’s New feed integration (more in depth about this later)


Other Updates
Comments with HTML support, new comment options, and spam control
– More supported countries and regions: Arabia, China, Hong Kong, Israel, South Africa, Vietnam and 13 new languages: Basque, Catalan, Guajarati, Hindi, Indonesian, Kannada, Malay, Malayalam, Marathi, Serbian-Cyrillic, Tamil, Telugu, and Vietnamese

As previously mentioned, we also see Windows Live Photos taken out of Spaces and integrated into SkyDrive. We will have a more comprehensive review on this later, but here’s a teaser of what’s to come:

  • Windows Live Photos
    Bigger thumbnails than previous version
    Order prints of your photos right from SkyDrive
    – New online slide show that works with any browser (although not required, but Silverlight is recommended to be installed for this)
    – People tags similar to Windows Live Photo Gallery, allowing you to tag your contacts – online!

Photo Slideshow

Excited? We sure are! Stay tuned at LiveSide as we cover more of the upcoming Wave 3 services in detail!