A note about Hotmail, SkyDrive and Photos storage space

Hotmail and SkyDrive In our previous posts covering the upcoming features in Hotmail and SkyDrive, we seemed to have missed some hints at possible Hotmail and SkyDrive integration. People have been asking for this for a long time, and now it finally seems possible in Wave 3. In the latest Windows Live documentations, it mentioned several details about the storage spaces that are available throughout Windows Live services:

  1. Hotmail’s minimum storage space will be 25GB and this will be ever-increasing as required at the end of each month, making it basically unlimited storage (subject to abuse control)
  2. The ability to download e-mail attachments from Hotmail into SkyDrive – allowing these attachments to be shared with others or just kept private in your online folders
  3. SkyDrive’s storage space will also be 25GB, as reported previously, in addition to Hotmail’s storage space
  4. SkyDrive will allow uploading of up to 1000 new files stored per month – note that this only applies to newly uploaded files during that particular month, so total storage can well exceed 1000 files (it is unsure whether this also applies to Photos and those Hotmail e-mail attachments downloaded into SkyDrive)
  5. Photos will utilize SkyDrive’s 5GB 25GB of storage space for storage of full resolution photos. (However this may be subject to change – at least we certainly hope so. Perhaps someone forgot to update it in the documentations?) Update: From one of the demonstration videos by Brian Hall, it was shown that Photos does have the 25GB of storage shared with SkyDrive, not the previously reported 5GB. Looks like it was a typo in the documentations after all. Thanks to CKurt for pointing it out in the comments!
For many users, these storage spaces should be well enough for us to share files and photos with our family, friends, or colleagues. Although we do hope that Photos can take advantage of the entire 25GB in SkyDrive instead of the reported 5GB. What are your thoughts on this?