Windows Live Spaces Wave 3 Update Promises Cleaner, Better Looking Space

WLSpacesJust like the other sites/services, Windows Live Spaces is also getting a Wave 3 overhaul. Can’t stay behind now can they? Over at The Spaces Team Blog, they already started to blog about the upcoming changes. Coming soon… Changes to Windows Live Spaces, has also appeared on the Home Page.

Let’s see what they have in store for us.

New Look

Had difficulty reading blog posts on spaces? Those days are over as the default font is going to be changed to Segoe UI, which is larger than the current and more readable. If you prefer the old font you can customize your space to use the old font, the update will not override any font selection you already made.

Differentiating titles from normal text will be done by using different size text instead of relying on bold versus plain text.

All the modules will be optional (even the Title and Tagline module, which previously couldn’t be removed) and the title of each module can be renamed or hidden. You can change themes, fonts, colors and background images from the customize menu.clip_image005

The most noticeable change will be the top of the pages. The header will be simpler with less text than other pages in Windows Live, the 3D “bevel” in the header will be removed as well as the ad!

Now that’s what I call clean, no more ads on Spaces messing up the design! Yay!

I wonder if we will get to see the themes we are seeing for other Live sites today in Spaces too. I personally would like it if they’d integrate this here too, for that all-over consistent look.


As always, you can display your photos on your space, but now you can also share and enjoy them through the Photos page on Windows Live.

The team built a great new photo preview that you’ll see when you click on a photo in a blog entry. Instead of opening up a new window with a larger version of the image, the current page will show a beautiful preview of the original size image:


All browsers will be able to insert images inline, and you won’t need to install our upload tool in order to insert images. If you do install the tool you’ll get a rich, drag and drop upload experience. You can select exactly which photo albums to show in your photos module – you can even customize what parts of the photos interface to display.

But there’s more! Marcus’ post about Windows Live Writer (includes a Podcast) shows a “photo montage”, which will be part of the final release of Windows Live Writer (in December), it isn’t in the current beta version. What is this photo montage? Well it lets you integrate a montage of a full album, with link to full album, into your blog post:

Now we don’t know how Live spaces is going to integrate that when you blog directly on Spaces, but hey don’t we all use Live Writer to write to our Space anyway? If you don’t yet, you should really check it out, it makes blogging so much easier!

Profile Page and What’s New area

With your new profile page you can let others know more about you, both on your space and across Windows Live. Plus, the new things you do can show up automatically on your profile page. You decide who sees what.

The what’s new area on the Spaces home page will highlight new blog posts and comments. To see the full what’s new list, you can go to your Windows Live home page. A preview of the new home page can be seen in Windows Live Feature Complete and Windows Live Home beta (accidently) available to public!.

All-in-all very exiting, I can’t help but wonder if there are more surprises. Guess we’ll find out soon enough eh? As usual we will keep our eyes open and keep you posted if we spot anything.