Check your website for malware: Live Search Webmaster Tools fall update

Our friends at Live Search Webmaster Tools have released a new fall update, which includes some new and improved tools for dealing with malware if you’re running a website. According to a blog post today, Live Search finds lots of pages infected with malware as it crawls the web, which it flags as “malware” in Live Search results, and disables the link in order to help protect customers.

Now, as a webmaster you will be able to make use of some of that information to check your own site (LiveSide passed, thanks for checking for us Jeremiah!).  From the blog post:

With the updated Crawl Issues tool in Webmaster Center, you will be able to:

  • Determine whether any malware has been detected on any of your webpages.
  • Download offline-accessible reports detailing which webpages on your website are affected by the detected malware.
    • Identify the affected pages quickly and easily.
    • Read helpful advice in Help on how to fix the problem.
    • Submit a request, once you have cleaned up the malware, asking the Live Search support team to re-scan your website and remove the malware warning flags from any affected webpages in the Live Search results webpage. Instead of waiting for the next search engine cycle of re-crawling your website, this new, user-requested re-inclusion process should take days, not weeks, to resolve.
  • With the updated tools in Webmaster Center, if you have any malware issues on either your own pages or on outbound links, you will be able to:

Webmaster Tools has also made it easier to authenticate your site, or especially multiple sites, using only one authentication code, a simpler process.  Check out the Webmaster Tools blog for more.

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