Deep Zoom Composer Updated: Seajax Support, New API, And More!

The Deep Zoom Composer got an update. dzcicon

What’s new in this release:

  • – Seadragon Ajax Support, you can now export your compositions as a Seadragon Ajax project
    Seadragon AJAX is a JavaScript-based implementation of the Deep Zoom functionality found in Silverlight. This can be used if you don’t want to “force” your readers to install Silverlight and still want to offer zoom capabilities.
  • – New and Improved API, easier integration of Deep Zoom tiling functionality into your own applications through a .NET/managed DLL
  • – Updated Project Templates for both Silverlight and Seadragon AJAX

Besides these there are numerous bug fixes.

Note: uninstall any previous version you might have of the deep Zoom composer before installing this new version.

Unlike previous versions this version is not backwards compatible: you will not be able to open your previous compositions! Instead you will be presented with the following prompt:


Install a new version eh? You can check if you have the latest version by opening up Deep Zoom composer, then navigate to Help > About Deep Zoom Composer and check if it says November 2008 Release. Of course you have the latest, you just installed it!

Don’t delete those old projects just yet, this may just be a mistake. We’ll keep you posted!

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