Hotmail Team Listens To Feedback, Continues Updates

The Hotmail Team truly listens to your feedback and acts upon it. Over the last few weeks they’ve rolled out fixes that resolved many of the reported issues. These include the problems when using a larger text size, viewing favorite contacts and opening some messages. You also should be able to access Hotmail from Firefox on Linux just fine now.

Even more updates are coming up:

Our next update, in mid-December, will address how scrolling works. We’re making the new Hotmail work more like the Classic version for those of you with the reading pane turned off. When we moved to the new version we optimized for screen resolutions that were 1024×768 and above. In smaller resolutions like 800×600, we’ve seen cases where the browser scroll bars overlap the message scroll bars, making it harder to move through your messages. Our next update will fix this problem, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to work on this.

If you use a smaller screen resolution, you may have been seeing multiple scroll bars, like this:

Before the update, Hotmail with multiple scroll bars at 800x600 (Click for larger image)

But with the new fixes, you’ll soon see this instead:

After the update, Hotmail with fewer scrollbars, at 800x600 (Click for larger image)

Coming early next year, you’ll see yet another update, which will complete the transition to the new Hotmail. We’ll be changing the banner ad at the top of the page to a vertical ad on the right-hand side, which will allow you to see more messages and more of your personal folders on the screen at once. We’ll also be adding more themes, increasing the number of messages on each page, and embedding instant messaging with Messenger right into Hotmail.

Last but not least, a thanks for the feedback:

We appreciate all your feedback and want you to know that it has been critical in our work to make Hotmail better. Thank you for using Windows Live Hotmail.

– The Hotmail team

Thank you, Hotmail Team, for listening AND fixing those issues!