Microsoft releases new Windows Live Agents version and announces its retirement

Over at the Windows Live Agents Team blog, the team just announced the final release of the Windows Live Agents 5.1 SDK. With Windows Live Agents, developers are able to create messenger chat bots with which users can interact and which are officially allowed to connect to the Windows Live Messenger network.

As the team has been working hard, quite a bit of new features have been introduced compared to version 5.0:

  • List features here…

Slightly more interesting is that the team announced the retirement of the complete Windows Live Agents platform at the same time! While official support ends after summer 2009, new hosting requests for the Windows Live Agents Partner Hosting Infrastructure are not being accepted anymore. Instead if you want to add new agents, you have to do self-hosting which has some limitations as you can read here.

With a couple of new features added to the final version, having such a specific date already this soon after release, and PDC 2009 being scheduled for November  17-20 2009, it might be likely that we’ll see some kind of new API or SDK being released by then.