Live Search Instant Cashback!

Good news! Live Search Cashback will now deposit your cashback amount immediately into your Paypal account when you purchase at eBay. This Live Search Instant Cashback feature just got announced at the Live Search Blog:

I’m happy to announce that we’ve just released the Instant cashback feature with eBay. Instant cashback will be eligible for some, but not all users. Eligible shoppers will be notified online after completing a purchase on eBay.

Here’s how it works
When you search for a product on Live Search — say an Xbox — within the results returned you’ll see an eBay ad with the gold coin cashback icon Image of cashback icon and “Live Search cashback.”

  1. Click the eBay ad to go to and make your purchase.
  2. After completing the payment with PayPal, you’ll receive a message saying you’re eligible for “instant cashback.” Yippee!
    Image of instant cashback message
  3. The cashback amount is automatically deposited into your Paypal account and posted to your cashback account.

Pretty neat huh, no more waiting for 60 days to get your cashback…you can even spend it again immediately if you want! What more could you wish for this holiday season? Well ehhh…besides maybe an extension of Live Search Cashback to other markets….

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